#trolleyscroes and saints is Version 1 of a new solo I am creating called ‘The Joan Work’. Commissioned by What Moves You? the piece was performed at Lyra Artspace this Summer. What this space for ongoing developments and Joan-related missions Continue reading Joan

leaving home

from the child shapecomes birdwoman wings poised on the tipsof departure all of her Shine reaching out in this pre-flutter flight I lurch towards her already absence eyes closed,feeling for the edge of the world where is the back of the sun?  today I read about a fatherwho chained his child to a bed they forgave his … Continue reading leaving home


clouds flying  like kites at a beach fair sky-white streamers trailing shore windblown sand  on our boiled eggs  and eggshell  falling through fingers as we talk  between mouthfuls  about our changing bodies and friends who’ve left  and lovers who lie about our children growing into  and out of school and me being single and her … Continue reading belhaven

Something Smashing Dance&Music Improvisation Edinburgh

I currently co-curate Something Smashing with Graeme Wilson, Tess Letham and Alma Sua (when she’s in town). We have run monthly dance & music improvisation platforms for 2 yrs, bringing together 80 artists for spontaneous performance in site-specific locations. Events include Newcastle Jazz Festival, and the Edinburgh Festival with Pianodrome and Dance Base. Check the … Continue reading Something Smashing Dance&Music Improvisation Edinburgh

PITCH at Edinburgh Festival

We have finished our run at Dance Base Fringe! Big thanks to all. Sold Out and great to double-bill with Indepen-dance. Here’s a **** review “a tremendously intelligent, brilliantly wry piece of performance.” Next Stop DanceLive, Lemon Tree Aberdeen, 16th October, hope to see you there! Images by Maria Falconer & Lucas Kao   … Continue reading PITCH at Edinburgh Festival

Paris Summer Academy

Delighted to be teaching from 1-5 August at the Paris Summer Academy (PSA) an intensive educational program dedicated to new and innovative Performing Art forms including contemporary dance, theater, voice training and performance art workshops. Invited by artist Mehdi Farajpour, whom I met whilst working in Iran 2001, the Academy is run by his company ORIANTHEATRE. Continue reading Paris Summer Academy